Dermaculture Skin Spa

HydroFacial  $150

This state of the art facial uses the high tech Hydro Facial machine that removes dead skin and blackheads while encouraging new, healthy cell growth. Your skin will have a healthy glow after one treatment.

All facials and skin treatments include the following care and service:

  • Two cleansing methods customized for your skin type.
  • Herbal toner, deep skin exfoliation, cleaning of pores & extractions.
  • Facial steaming to open pores and allow for deeper product penetration.
  • Choice between a hand or foot massage where hands or feet are put into heated mittens or foot warmers.
  • A full massage of the facial area, neck, shoulders and scalp.
  • Customized herbal serum and herbal moisturizer.
  • Eye gel applied to the eye area which is designed to fade dark circles or reduce puffiness.