Dermaculture Skin Spa

Lavender Body Polish or Citrus Sugar Scrub $85

A full-body exfoliation using Jojoba micro beads which stimulate and smooth the body by removing dead skin cells revealing clear, radiant skin beneath. Lavender or citrus scrubs partially break down with massage, infusing skin with moisture. The scrubs are removed with relaxing hot steamed towels. Followed by an application of a citrus hydrating spray and a stress-relieving moisturizing application of silky Lavender Body Lotion. This includes a full body massage. The entire room is filled with the sweet aroma of lavender or citrus!

Back Purifying Treatment $65

Great for Showing Off Your Glowing Skin! All of the several steps done during our facials are done on the back! Two cleanses, deep skin exfoliation of dead skin cells, herbal toner and extractions of impurities. HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT is used to kill all bacteria. A customized masque is added and the treatment is finished off with a full massage!

Aromatherapy Body Polish $70

This treatment removes dead skin cells and moisturizes your entire body. Increases circulation, uses your choice of body polish sea salt scrub or aromatherapy sugar scrub of choice. Finished off with steamed towels and moisturizing massage. Head to toe, your skin will glow!

Reiki $45

Relieves pain
Clears toxins
Balances the energies of the body
Relaxes and reduces stress
Aids meditation and positive thinking
Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
Improves feelings of well-being
Lowers heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones
Increases immune strength

Reflexology $49

This treatment uses pressure points located in the feet and hands to balance the body. Can help with stress, tension, headaches, TMJ, sinus pressure, allergies or many other ailments and discomforts. This treatment starts off with an herbal foot soak and can be done on feet and hands or just feet.